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Anti-Violence Project

AVP empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-affected communities and allies to end all forms of violence through organizing and education, legal services, and supports survivors through counseling and advocacy.

Audacia Ray

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Audacia Ray is a former sex worker who currently serves her LGBTQ community as Director of Community Organizing and Public Advocacy at the New York City Anti-Violence Project. She spent five years as the founding executive director of the sex worker-led media, storytelling, and advocacy group Red Umbrella Project. Prior to that, she created and implemented the International Women's Health Coalition's first online communications strategy and was an executive editor at $pread magazine. She co-authored the reports Individual Struggles, Widespread Injustice: Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Peoples’ Experiences of Systemic Employment Discrimination in New York City (Anti-Violence Project, 2018) and Criminal, Victim, or Worker? Impacts of the Human Trafficking Intervention Courts on Adults Arrested on Prostitution-Related Offenses in New York (Red Umbrella Project, 2014). Audacia played a key role in the wins gained in New York’s Access to Condoms campaign, with the NYPD, some District Attorneys, and the Governor’s budget banning condoms as evidence in misdemeanor prostitution and loitering offenses.

Association of Legal Aid Attorneys 

ALAA is a unionized group of public interest lawyers and staff that represent low income folks in criminal, immigration, housing, and family court proceedings.

Jared Trujillo

Pronouns: he/him/his

Jared Trujillo, Esq. serves on the Steering Committee through the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (U.A.W. 2325) where he is the LGBTQ+ Caucus Co-Chair. During the day, Jared started working at the Legal Aid Society’s Juvenile Rights Practice in 2014, where he represented young people in juvenile delinquency proceedings and in child welfare cases and moved in 2017 to the Criminal Defense Practice where he represents individuals accused of misdemeanors and felonies.  

Jared gives speeches and provides community education throughout New York on “decriminalizing queerness,” and the impact that over-incarceration and over-policing have on queer and trans communities. At these events, Jared focuses on how laws criminalizing sex work disproportionately impact trans women of color, and queer youth. Additionally, Jared is an active member of several LGBTQ+ community and political organizations, where he advocates for decriminalizing sex work to become a priority. 


GMHC is a provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and direct services, and advocacy. They provide holistic care that promotes health, including medical treatment, counseling, legal services, and job placement to # clients.

Kaleb Dornheim

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Kaleb currently works as a Policy & Advocacy Specialist at GMHC in NYC. They’re 26, identify as poor, trans/nonbinary, queer, & mentally ill. Kaleb’s living with anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and trying to figure out how to navigate life in a capitalistic society while practicing radical self care.  Kaleb has roots from Baltimore and was most recently Hudson Valley grounded, and now lives in New York. Kaleb was part of the initial group that founded Decrim NY, and provides logistical and lobbying support.

Devin Lowe

Pronouns: he/him/his

Devin Lowe is a queer man of color and intersectional activist of transgender experience. Devin is an actor and media producer, creating content that highlights the lived experiences of queer, transgender & gender non-conforming folk, with a special focus on Black folks and other communities of color. He is also the facilitator for multiple trans masculine and LGBTQ+ support groups throughout New York City that focus on self-care, political education, and redefining & centering healthy masculinity. Currently Devin is the Outreach Specialist at GMHC, and serves as one of GMHC’s representatives on Decrim NY’s steering committee.

Make the Road New York

Make the Road New York is a member-based organization that provides legal and survival services for community members, organizes with community members to to transform the systems and power structures impacting our communities, and works on policy innovation to rewrite unjust rules and make our democracy truly accountable to all of us.

Bianey Garcia

Pronouns: she/her/hers

TGNC Organizer at MRNY. She came to the United States at age 15 escaping transphobia back in Mexico. At 19, she began attending transgender support groups and worked with community leaders to educate them on STD prevention. After a unfair and discriminatory experience from the police with community members, Bianey joined Make the Road NY as a way to combat discrimination, build leadership and educate TGNC community members about their rights. She is also the organizer of the largest annually march in Jackson Heights call "The Trans-Latina March" Bianey is a warrior combating the hate violence against Trans-Latinas in Queens. Bianey uses her story as fuel to combat discrimination and support community members as one of the TGNC Organizers of TRIP Queens at Make the Road NY. Mi Lema or Leadership Mantra: I didn't choose to be an activist, injustice pushed me.

Mateo Guerrero-Tabares

Pronouns: he/el/they/ellxs

Mateo Guerrero-Tabares is the TGNCIQ Lead Organizer at Make the Road NY, where he runs the Leadership School program, develops movement curriculum for liberation, and supports organizing spaces for the TGNCIQ community in Jackson Heights and Bushwick. Mateo is originally from Cali, Colombia, however, after financial hardships in his country, his family and him were forced to migrate to the United States. Since then, Mateo has come out and embraced his identities as a transgender man of color and a queer immigrant, in order to organize and fight for immigrants, sex workers and people who trade sex, and TGNCIQ communities of color. Mateo focuses on intersectional politics that recognize the complexity of communities regarding race, class, gender, and age through a decolonizing framework.


VOCAL-NY is a statewide grassroots membership organization that builds power among low-income people affected by HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, the drug war, homelessness, and mass incarceration to create healthy and just communities. They accomplish this through community organizing, leadership development, public education, direct services, participatory research and direct action.


Womankind serves survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence of all ages through direct services and advocacy. They employ a personal and holistic approach and effectively utilize a distinctively Asian concept of wellness that encompasses a deep respect for each individual’s essential self and acknowledges the connection of heart, mind, and body.


Nina Luo

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Nina Luo has organized people in the sex trades for rights and safety for 5 years. She coordinated community engagement and policy positions around the sex trades for State Senator Julia Salazar and Congressional candidate Suraj Patel. She also does prosecutor accountability work at VOCAL-NY. She has worked with SWOP-Boston, MASWAN, Survivors Against SESTA, and Third Wave Fund's Sex Workers Giving Circle. 

Shaena Castro

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Shaena Castro is a native New Yorker and a trans woman of color. She began her transition at the tender age of 15 & quickly saw herself displaced by her family. Facing chronic homelessness, sex work quickly became the "norm" for her. Her turn around began when she got her start in trans advocacy working as a medical assistant for prestigious H.R.T. expert Dr. M.K. Bartalos MD and has been doing advocacy work within the transgender community ever since. A former Outreach coordinator for Thrive Bx a division of Bright Point Health & Program coordinator for Destination Tomorrow. Ms. Castro single handedly created 2 power house programs geared towards the trans community. "#4ubu" (trans-empowerment mixed with social awareness) & "the (Ruby) loveseat" sex positivity & harm reduction. Both programs have been featured at countless LGBTQ conferences around the US including twice at Genderfest in Las Vegas & Ivy-Q at Yale University. Currently Ms. Castro is leading the trans-femme support group at GMHC "Evolution" created by the late Karen Covergirl & at Amidacare allocating medical insurance to the TGNC community.

Jessica Raven

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Jessica Raven is a queer mama, prison abolitionist, community organizer, and New York City native. She traded sex to access housing while experiencing homelessness as a teen, and she joined the movement to end the criminalization of the sex trade while working as the Executive Director of DC-based grassroots organization Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS). In her role at CASS, Jessica spearheaded advocacy to develop comprehensive, non-criminal policy solutions to street harassment, defined for the first time in U.S. law to include all forms of sexual, gendered, and identity-based harassment. She also worked with community to build educational programs like the Safe Bar Collective program to equip nightlife staff with strategies for intervening to stop harassment and prevent violence, including a peer-led employment program supporting LGBTQIA+ people in the sex trades with restaurant job skills and access to employment opportunities in nightlife. Jessica was an organizer with DecrimNow DC to end the criminalization of sex work in the nation's capital, and she is now excited to work with Decrim NY to decriminalize, destigmatize, and decarcerate sex work in her hometown.


When she's not organizing, Jessica can be found doing dance cardio or reading feminist theory barefoot in parks.

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