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For Immediate Release: Statement from Decrim NY on Tiffany Caban’s Victory in Queens District Attor

For Immediate Release:

Statement from Decrim NY on Tiffany Caban’s Victory in Queens District Attorney (DA) Election

Contact: Nina Luo 636-288-8279 or

New York, NY -- While Decrim NY, a 30+ organization coalition working to decriminalize, decarcerate and destigmatize the sex trades in NY, did not endorse any candidate in the Queens DA election, sister organizations of Steering Committee members such as VOCAL-NY Action, Make the Road Action, and The Association of Legal Aid Attorneys endorsed Tiffany Caban. In response to Caban’s victory, Decrim NY has released the following statement:

“Tonight, we celebrate as we move closer to the liberation of our trans, undocumented and migrant siblings in Queens with Tiffany’s historic, hard-fought victory. Tiffany was the first DA candidate to campaign on the decriminalization of sex work, promising to decline to prosecute sex workers, clients, family members and loved ones that live with sex workers, and sex workers working together for safety. She has described sex work as a form of survival for our communities, and she understands that a human rights framework where workers are empowered to fight for safe working conditions best addresses exploitation in the sex trades. She also understands that criminalization has only empowered traffickers, because sex workers and survivors who experience violence and exploitation right now are afraid to come forward. We look forward to continuing our work with Tiffany to develop and implement policies that keep people who trade sex out of the criminal legal system, connect them to community organizations and non-arrest services that address their economic needs, and address violence against people who trade sex, including when the violence is at the hands of police. We know that Tiffany’s policies as Queens DA will serve as a model for DAs everywhere to fight violence and exploitation in the sex trades and end the criminalization of poverty that most severely impacts people in the sex trades.

Finally, we thank Tiffany for her consistent, vocal uplifting of the voices of people who trade sex, so often excluded in mainstream media, in her campaign platform and this election. Her advocacy has elevated our grassroots movement to keep our communities safe, and we look forward to seeing other local, state and national candidates for elected office express openness to decriminalization as Tiffany’s endorsers Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both have.”

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