New York State Bills for
the 2019-2020 Legislative Session

Legislative Priorities

  • Bills A00654/S02253 (Paulin/Hoylman) would repeal New York’s loitering for the purposes of prostitution law, which was enacted in 1976 and has been incredibly damaging to the lives of countless New Yorkers by cycling them in and out of the criminal legal system. Its repeal sends the message that NYS values civil rights and dignity for those policed for being in the commercial sex industry and for those profiled as engaging in commercial sex. The law on its face has been unevenly and discriminatorily applied, especially to TGNCNB people, and repeal is necessary to protect against harmful arrests. This allows police to interpret lawful behavior such as “repeatedly” waving at a person in a vehicle, wearing a mini skirt, or talking to people in the streets as cause to arrest for loitering for the purpose of prostitution.

  • Bills A00982/S03181 (Gottfried/Lanza) would expand the relief available to survivors of human trafficking who have criminal records for crimes their traffickers have compelled them to commit. Currently, New York State law only allows trafficking survivors to clear prostitution-related convictions from their records, although many are convicted of other types of offenses during the course of their trafficking. These bills expand the relief available to survivors by allowing them to move to vacate all types of criminal convictions resulting from their trafficking and exploitation.


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Comprehensive Decriminalization of the Sex Trades
Decrim NY is working with Assembly Health Committee Chair Gottfried, Senate Labor Committee Chair Ramos, and Women’s Health Committee Chair Salazar to draft and introduce a bill that substantially rewrites anti-prostitution penal codes to repeal laws that harm people in the sex trades while preserving anti-trafficking laws that protect survivors (especially minors) and hold exploiters accountable.